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Get Solar Installed at No Upfront Cost Due to 100% Finance

Our Products
Profit from Government Feed In Tariff for 20 Years

Why Get Funded Solar Panels  Now?

The Government is reviewing the national tariffs at the end of th year – get your solar panels now and you’ll be guaranteed the current rates for 20 years

Help You Save Money

Earn Up To £9,335

Since you own the solar panels yourself, you get the full benefits of the Government’s Feed In Tariff

Earn Money Through Government Grants

Cut Your Energy Bills

Save yourself thousands of pounds as energy prices continue to rise

Sell Your Excess Energy

Own 100% Of the System Yourself

The solar panels are yours – you don’t have to “rent your roof”; it’s totally your own system!

Earn A Great Return On Investment

Free Home Survey

Get a totally free, no-obligation survey to check your property’s suitability

 Add Value To Your Property

Earn From Day One

You will receive energy savings and payments from the Government-Approved Feed in Tariff from the date of installation of the system – these will cover the majority of the funding repayments!

Become Self Sufficient

No Upfront Cost, Only 600* Places Left

Funding is limited, get solar panels installed at no upfront cost due to 100% finance.

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Design Services From Infinity Renewables


We’ll assess your eligibility

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Design Services From Infinity Renewables


Free Home Survey

We’ll then carry out a free home survey; it’s no-obligation, free and doesn’t take long


Install In One Day

If you want to go ahead, we can install the system in just one day. There is zero upfront cost!


Cover The System Costs

Earn the Feed In Tariff to cover the system costs, this takes around 10 years. In the meantime, you’ll be cutting your energy bills in half, and enjoy free electricity!

Design Services From Infinity Renewables


Start Earning

Once the system has paid for itself, you’ll then earn the Feed In Tariff directly to your bank account until 20 years from the date of installation. The system is completely yours too!

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