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With electricity costs on the rise Solar power allows you to harness the suns infinite free energy and start saving money. By generating your own electricity you are buying less from your utility company effectively dramatically reducing or eliminating your electricity bill, depending on the size system you install. According to the energy saving trust UK the average system will produce 3300kw annually. Plus When your solar system is generating more electricity than your using your meter will literally be running backwards!


Undoubtedly one the greatest benefits of solar power is, its a form of renewable energy, this means it is not only sustainable but Infinite. It allow us to power homes and business with clean, safe energy from the sun. By using the sun as an energy source, Solar helps the fight against climate change, combating greenhouse gases and dramatically reducing customers carbon footprints. By switching to a renewable energy source like solar power, we can help save our planet and provide brighter future for many generations to come.


Solar Power translates to a home with lower running costs and higher Energy performance rating. Therefore When looking into property, for purchase or rent, solar power can be seen as an incentive to any investor. Studies conducted by the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) suggest that by installing solar power you can potentially increase your properties value by up to 38 per cent in some parts of England. Not only will solar power add value to your property but it also separate you from the rest of the market making your property more desirable.


With the need for sustainable and renewable energy becoming essential, the government has generated incentives to encourage homeowners and business to go green. The clean energy scheme was initiated in 2010 to provide financial rewards for customers lowering there carbon footprint. The scheme is broken down into two payments a generation tariff and a Feeding-in-tariffs which are both index linked and tax free. These are calculated on each unit of energy that is produced by the solar system and paid accordingly. Although this scheme is a great incentive to any one considering installing solar it is important to notes that the scheme does decrease quarterly therefore we encourage all our customers to take advantage of these incentives ASAP!


Most utility companies use fossil fuels as the primary method for energy supply. As these energy sources are not only derived from foreign markets but also becoming scarce, the cost is constantly increasing and extremely volatile. According to the The Office for National Statistics (ONS) in uk alone electricity costs have doubled in the last 10 years. With the price hike forecasted to continue solar power is a great way to not on reduce your dependence on utility companies but to guard yourself form future unpredictable increases by securing a fixed rate for 30 plus years.


Solar allows you to take back control of your energy supply and gives you energy independence. Rather than paying your electricity retailer for your electricity you can generate your own and become self sufficient with our battery storage options.

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